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If I started to Commission Would You Buy? 

5 deviants said Nah. Not really the styles I like.
5 deviants said Maybe. It depends how on your commission set up is such as Head, Torso, Full, Sketch, etc
2 deviants said Maybe. Depends if it will be 2D or 3D
1 deviant said Hell to the Yes!
1 deviant said Yes, but for Traditional work only.
No deviants said Yes, but for digital/2D/fan art work only.
No deviants said Yes, but for 3D work only. (Me: so you know those will be the most expensive ^^; )


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Alicia Daniels
Artist | Professional | Varied

Hey guys, while I am grateful and happy that you guys are happy for being llamaed, faved, and/or watched, it is getting a wee bit tiresome for me to go down the lines by constantly saying: You're welcome. That being said instead of saying THANKS FOR THIS OR THAT, you can thank me by merely looking at my gallery. I know it isn't much, but if you see something you like as I have in your gallery, fav it. If you don't want to look at my gallery that is fine. You could also vote and leave a comment on my poll or leave a comment on the journal entry. It's not that I don't care, but I think we can agree the standard THANKS and YOU'RE WELCOME is kind of border line spam.

That being said, if you want to still comment and/or have a conversation or being witty with your comment I will respond. I will not block out the simple THANKS comments, but just be aware I will not spam respond back you're welcome anymore.

Thank you for understanding. Now! On to the main Bio information~


Online I am known as LittleRaid, whether DA, games, or other websites. I have had this username since 2007 and I can easily say I am qualify to trademark this name. In real life my name is Alicia Daniels. I can undoubtedly say I am a Jack of Trades and Master of None Artist.

A lil info of starting my art life:

I grew up on a military base for the first 18 years of my life and excelled in hard wiring and software engineering. Though I was good at it, and finished Cisco at the age of 17, I never really saw myself doing it for the rest of my life. I always saw it with no humor, everything has to be something specific, no individuality. Kind of the military experience I had.

Around the age of 15/16 I started to doodle in class and realized: "Hey... this isn't horrible. It isn't good, but I have seen worse." Thus I started to self teach myself how to draw with pen and pencil. At first it was little things such as anime, and still life props, but I knew if I wanted to get better I had to go school for it, and what better way then trying this in college.

Why Pick Digital Arts and Game Art:

As soon as I turned 18, I left Turkey and went straight to the US because Turkey didn't really have anything art related majors that actually seemed praise worthy. The only thing was I only knew traditional media. Never heard of Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, etc. The year was 2008 for those who are wondering.

I met a teacher who was not only going to be one my professors, but soon to be supervisor for my Digital Arts career. He came up and asked what I wanted to do and I pretty much told him the previous paragraphs you have read. He told me he normally doesn't want to accept new students, but he offered a position for being a student of digital arts. He told me I will be in a complete disadvantage as all of my class mates have been use to Adobe, Auto desk, etc since freshmen year of high school. This is a man who only accepted 6 students per semester, was honest, straight forward, and dare I say bitch of a teacher to work with.... I accepted in a heartbeat with nothing to lose.

And hot damn did I struggle, but... I MADE IT! Not the best, but I definitely learned so much that I doubt I could ever learn by self teaching. During the semesters I didn't need to struggle in I took a couple graphic design classes, as well as programming classes.

Now... While I did enjoy my student life majoring Digital Art, I still thought I was lacking in something. I didn't believe I was good enough to pursue a master's because I thought I was more intermediate level than professional, but in a way I thought there is something else I could do with my life. One day my father told me he met some guy at the air port and kind of complained about my situation. The man simply responded: "Why not try to go to Full Sail? They accept anyone, but it is up to you if you could finish the courses."

So with the help of one of my old roommates I drove to FS and took one of their tours. I was easily hooked for Game Art. In my previous school I learned the basics of 3D, but nothing furtherer and FS seemed to be the one that will help me progress. The school mentioned the school isn't faint of heart as I would be taking 2 classes a month that is 8 hours a day sometimes including weekends, will have little vacation days, and be under constant situation known as "Crunch Time" for about 21 months.
I accepted the challenge. As a person who already had a normal college life and ventured out to do stupid stuff in life, I knew I could take it on. Never failed a class. Had to delay a couple of months from original graduation date due depression from losing a friend, being temporary homeless while continuing classes, and other real life issues, but by the end of it all I found my calling card.

What Now?

Welp... That is kind of where I am stuck. I came back to Turkey in hoping to bring the gaming world to the country as well as well encouraging it as a career for others in hope of making different and unique games to the gaming community. However, there are interesting challenges.

First, I had to stay with my parents in a city, that has the complete opposite mind set when it comes to social media and technology. If you stand out from the social structure, people tend to avoid you. I was here for 6 months, with hardly human interaction and entered in complete depression.

Second, the "average gamer" in Turkey only play mobile games... Candy Crush and Farmsville... I mean Yay there are people who play Counter Strike and Minecraft... but yeah It seems the gaming industry is trying to encourage micro transaction games without encouraging game development such as Elder Scrolls.

I haven't given up though. I recently moved to Istanbul into pursue my goals. Finding a job in general won't be easy, but I have to start somewhere.


Once I get a part time job I will start commissions. Right now I am trying to set up a portfolio that is suitable for commissioning in DA :)

Well damn that was a lot to type XD If you have any questions feel free to ask. X3


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I am started to get active on DA and would like to try out the premium features.

So if you like my stuff and happen to have small change laying around, please donate. Thank you~

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First off thank you to those who took the time to vote and wrote comments to help me figure out what I need to do or needed to be encouraged.
The top 3 as it stands are 3D, fan art, and charcoal. For those who have said do all the above. I will. This poll is more of a starting point and then spread.

For 3D I have a 3D weapon I started to work on few months back, but never finished due to depression. I am going to see if I could finish it this week.

After wards I have decided to model my house, at least the kitchen and living room. For a tiny house I have a lot of crap which is perfect for me to get back into modeling. I will make 2 versions. First the high res which will include the stitch and cloth fabric. Meaning! It will be the first time trying out the hair system.

For the most part I will mainly work on Maya since these are hard surface models with basic shapes; however, I will work on ZBrush for a few small things suck as the stitching, clothing wrinkles, etc since I have a laptop and Ncloth + laptop = bad over heating and more Maya crashing.

I will also make a low res version, because y not? I want to practice the difference between 3D show scenes as well as a gaming scene, and I have to make high res models anyway for the normal mapping. The key difference will be for the final texturing the high res will end up in Unreal 4 (Never touch UR4 so this will be interesting) and the low res will be in UDK 3 (I know the program and kinks to it). The reason for this is because... I honestly don't like Maya rendering and setting up the lighting/wiring. It takes forever on my laptop while UDK and Marmoset is much more amazing and time efficient.

I have also decided to combine the charcoal sketches w/ fan art on one condition. It has to be a dark theme such as Berserk. I mean I could Warframe frame as well since they are highly detailed models, but you get the idea. I also want to avoid the high end fan art. Yes, I do Pokemon, but I love Pokemon I do this more for me than anyone else. I want to focus on the less popular ones such as Dragon Nest (Yes I know it is dying. I have been playing DN since DN Sea beta. Don't care I like their art style), Saiyuki, Sypro (Yes the old school kind), .Hack series, Dark Siders, Jak and Daxter, etc. This means no Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, DBZ, Marvel, DC, etc. Actually I may allow Marvel and DC if they are characters that are not well known from the movie genre. Why not the popular fan art? Because it is everywhere. There are too many artists that are already doing this and I don't want to ban wagon for the sake of ban wagon. I would like to draw characters that are equally unique and complex as say... the Joker, but have been ignored since people have been paying attention to the joker.

If people truly only want me to only popular characters I will work on it, but I highly doubt people just want to see LOL characters, GOT characters, KH characters, DBZ, etc characters up in their faces 24/7. I get this is Deviant Art... but... that is what Tumblr is for... rawr...

With that being said I will have to delay charcoal drawings for a wee bit as I have yet to find a proper art store. For those outside of Turkey wondering, art supplies are normally sold in book stores. However most of these supplies come in ... tiny amounts and want your soul in return. They are mainly meant for arts and crafts for K-12. There are hardware stores equal to Home Depo and they do have a small selection of real art supplies, but again money. Yes, art supplies are expensive, but... American art supplies are cheaper and the currency is 2.59 lira to $1... One tiny oil painting tube was around 40 lira... I can find the same tube in the US for $4-6. Yeah... so if I consider American art supplies cheaper with that currency exchange  it is a problem.
Being in the city of Istanbul I am pretty sure there are good art stores, I just have to find the right people. Makes things a bit more difficult when the system is discouraging art (any type of art, traditional and/or digital) as livable life/job/income and I swear the artists in this city are freaking ninjas as their try to hide their identity of being an artist.

Anyway thanks for reading.

This section is a more of rambles and to specific people. So you can ignore, but if you want to read it will be pretty out there and if want to know more... just read Naked to Lunch... For an idea of the mood.

Okay where to begin... Uhh... Some I haven't talked to you in a lil over a year some of you I haven't heard from in a few years and others... wow 16 years. I don't know if any of you are bothering to check up time to time. For 2 groups I doubt they are, but guess what I want a simple yes or no from you guys.

Not now... but years down the road I would like to write a novel/story. It will/can be fictional or nonfictional, but I do want you guys to be in it. These characters will essentially be you. This past year trying to be well... a "normal" person is difficult, though I don't I have tried it correct. After the incident in 2013 I have been focused on school and once I graduated I pretty much regressed in my limbo.

So I moved to Istanbul 3 weeks ago, and trying to be back to my old self. It seems hard since I don't really have any where to go. Don't really have topics I could just randomly talk about since they are not really encouraged to talked about in public... even something as simple as politics. I miss talking to everyone whether it was on Skype chatting away, the adult bar across the street when I was under age, the people who were in the Middle East time to time to serve their country and give each other advice, or even the times when we were kids and just trying to see who could swim across the pool the fastest. I miss the good, bad, ugly, even if you didn't trust me 100%. I understand why considering we are people live across each others lines.

Despite this... my older memories are fading... it makes me sad... I don't want to forget. It is easier for some since I have already have drawn you, and couple of you are in my gallery so I get to see you every day, but I know I need to do more in order to remember. I don't want you guys to become a lost memory as my orphan friend who died, or my kindergarten friend whom I haven't seen since high school and dk if he is alive or dead. I mean.. I hope he is alive and well, but ... -rambles-

One group I know we have cut all ties and this is more of a reminder. I hope you truly are ready when 2 of the 3 come back. I know you did it more for their sakes, but I also hope you know they may not recover, but instead regress. I was also told by someone another person by that group is reading to kids at libraries when he has the time. I am glad you are slowly feeling better. I know it won't heal completely, but at least you are doing something that would make them happy.

The other group you know who are. I hope everyone is doing well.

With that said. Guys do I have permission to use you/your characteristics for a book and publish it?

I don't want to do it now since I am still trying to figure out what I want to do as a calling.
I must say I am still envious of you guys since you already figured it out. ^^; They were never easy choices, but you have in some way over come them. Who knows I might change my mind in the future, but the way I see it now is I want to remember as much as I can with times I have spent with you. Virtually and reality. I just want a simple yes or no answer. You don't need to answer here, we don't even need to see each other if you don't want to, but I do want an answer. From everyone... everyone who can answer anyway.
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